Subsequent to the reactivation of the firearms technical working group in El Salvador and continuing with the implementation of UNLIREC´s assistance package for Central American States, UNLIREC collaborated with the Ministry of Justice and Public Security in carrying out a set of activities aimed at enhancing public security and preventing armed violence through the combat of illicit firearms trafficking. This entailed enhancing the capacity of legal practitioners in reducing impunity in firearms-related cases and raising awareness among decision-makers and parliamentarian advisers on firearms policy development.

The first activity offered focused training to 33 legal practitioners and judicial officials on relevant national and international legal frameworks, inter-institutional and international cooperation mechanisms, and technical aspects of firearms and ammunition, including ballistic information through UNLIREC’s four-day Specialized Training Course beginning on 8 October. Participants from a variety of governmental institution, including the Office of the Public Prosecutor, the Judiciary, the Ministry of Justice and Public Security and the National Police now have at their disposal improved technical tools and practical knowledge to assist them in their efforts to more effectively combat the scourge caused by illicit firearms trafficking.

While the one-day national seminar – undertaken on 10 October – brought together 23 members of the firearms technical working group and advisors of the Defense and Security Commission of the National Congress to expose them to a wide range of disarmament policies and legal measures related to arms control and armed violence reduction.

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