Training courses

UNLIREC’s courses – both in person and virtual – adopt advanced pedagogical approaches through practical trainings.

The courses offered as part of the Conventional Arms Control Programme contribute to preventing and combating illicit trafficking in firearms and ammunition and reducing armed violence. Many specialized courses are also offered ranging from addressing armed violence against women to how best to process the evidence found at a crime scene in which a gun was used.

The courses that form part of the Non-proliferation and Arms Control Agreements Programme focus on preventing the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, including awareness-raising on UN Security Council resolution 1540, risk management trainings on maritime security and on handling hazardous materials, including explosive precursor chemicals.

All courses are fully in line with internationally-accepted best practices and are imparted by UNLIREC’s expert team of bilingual arms control, disarmament and/or WMD non-proliferation experts.

Interdicting Small Arms, Ammunition and Parts and Components Course (ISAAPC)

Specialised course on firearms investigations from a gender perspective (FIGP)