On the 22nd and the 23rd June, national authorities from the different sectors involved in the non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction attended a planning mission held in Santo Domingo.
The objective of this meeting was to pool the strategic trade mapping of elements that could be controlled by the Dominican Republic in compliance with Resolution 1540 of the United Nations Security Council and to receive feedback from the authorities on risk analysis and profiling processes from the perspective of the customs sector in that State.
On the 21st and the 22nd June, UNLIREC experts and the heads of the customs sector convened preliminary meetings and visits to familiarize themselves with the national risk management procedures, as well as the profiling process, if any, with the purpose of having an overview of these very processes that will help to provide better assistance in the preparation of the Focus List.
A second meeting was held on the 23rd June with the “Multisectoral Coordination Committee for the Implementation of Resolution 1540,” comprising representatives of various sectors that had jurisdiction in the matter. This meeting introduced the specific objectives of the workshop which will be held in September and which is designed to serve as a practical support tool for officers working at the entry and exit points of the country as it will enhance controls on dual-use items.