Within the framework of the United Nations’ Joint Programme on Human Security, UNLIREC held a legal seminar on firearms control on 6 July, 2017 in the city of Trujillo (Northern Peru). With a view to contributing to the training needs of legal practitioners, UNLIREC trained more than 30 judges, prosecutors and public defenders in the province.

Firearms control norms are part of efficient regulatory frameworks for the appropriate regulation of legal trade and for combating the illicit trafficking of weapons. It is recommended that these norms comply with the related international instruments and treaties. Under this premise, the legal seminar shed light on the main international requirements for firearms and their equivalence within national regulations.

The event was attended by speakers from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in its capacity as President of the National Commission Against Illicit Trafficking in Firearms (CONATIAF), and the National Superintendence for the Control of Security Services, Arms, Ammunition and Explosives for Civilian Use (SUCAMEC).

During the seminar participants shared the challenges they face in prosecuting illicit arms trafficking cases due to the lack of information on the mechanisms available to process this specific crime. They also highlighted existing challenges in prosecuting the crime of illegal possession of firearms. In addition to knowledge sharing, discussions during the event contributed to strengthening the coordination, communication and cooperation of legal practitioners at the operational level.

UNLIREC is part of the United Nations’ Joint Programme for Human Security which works with public institutions and local authorities in Trujillo to reduce and prevent crime in general, gender violence and the involvement of adolescents in criminal activities.