On 12 April 2017, UNLIREC representatives returned to Paramaribo to host a national roundtable event in conjunction with the Surinamese Ministry of Defense. The purpose of the roundtable – made possible with funding from the Government of Canada – was to present Suriname with its UNSCR 1540 National Legal Study and highlight to national authorities its key findings and recommendations. The event was attended by 30 participants representing a broad-range of government stakeholder organisations, as well as a representative of CARICOM and a 1540 Committee Expert.

The National Legal Study analysed Suriname’s existing legislative framework against the operative paragraphs of UNSCR 1540 to provide a detailed overview of the Suriname’s current state of 1540 legislative implementation. The Study is intended to provide a solid basis that may be of assistance to Suriname in formulating its National Action Plan and identifying what needs, challenges and areas exist for strengthening the implementation of the resolution within the Surinamese context.

UNLIREC plans to return to Paramaribo in the coming months to provide support in Suriname’s elaboration of its 1540 National Action Plan.