Arms control measures occupy a prominent spot in both national and international security agendas. In contrast, specific measures for the control of ammunition tend to be more limited. Given the increasing need to tackle proliferation, diversion and trafficking, UNLIREC reviewed relevant legislation of Latin American and Caribbean States and subsequently developed a regional study entitled “Ammunition Control in Latin America and the Caribbean”.

The study was launched on 23 July to over 40 officials from national state agencies with responsibilities for ammunition controls and civil society representatives from across Latin America. Through this webinar, UNLIREC sought to underscore the need for the establishment and effective implementation of ammunition control measures, given that the proliferation and diversion of ammunition, and the lack of appropriate security conditions during stockpiling and handling, ultimately contribute to armed violence and illicit trafficking in the region.

The study focused on the legal norms that Latin American and Caribbean States have enacted regarding ammunition control and thus, it does not include an analysis of how those provisions are applied in the region. The Centre presented some key provisions that are contained in the legal frameworks of the region with an emphasis on aspects such as competent national authorities that apply ammunition controls; regulations on ammunition production/manufacturing; international transfer controls of ammunition; trade controls of ammunition at the national level; consumption reports of dealers and users of ammunition; security measures in ammunition transportation; ammunition stockpile security measures; ammunition marking; ammunition reloading and final disposal. Some legal provisions that are not so common but relevant for the region were also highlighted, including ammunition marking.

UNLIREC hopes that both the study and the webinar will contribute to promoting national and regional dialogue on the importance of implementing effective ammunition control measures to tackle its illegal proliferation and trafficking. UNLIREC’s Legal Study: “Ammunition Control in Latin America and the Caribbean” will be made available on its website shortly. The study was developed with the financial support of the Government of Germany.

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