On 29 April 2021, UNLIREC hosted a virtual seminar on “Measures for the Control of Ammunition”, in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Guatemala. The seminar, addressed to over 70 Guatemalan officers in ammunition control, aimed to promote dialogue amongst national agencies on ammunition management, presenting the findings of UNLIREC’s legal study on small arms control measures adopted by Latin American and Caribbean states.

During the seminar, UNLIREC emphasized the need for establishing and implementing effective measures, given the impact of the proliferation of ammunition on armed violence and illicit trafficking throughout the region.
UNLIREC presented the guidelines found in its legal study entitled “Ammunition Control Measures in Latin America and the Caribbean: A Legal Approach” (available at: www.unlirec.org). The presentation addressed ammunition controls and some key provisions with an emphasis on the following aspects:

  • – competent national authorities that apply ammunition controls
  • – regulations on ammunition production/manufacturing
  • – National/international ammunition transfer controls
  • – consumption reports of ammunition dealers and users
  • – security measures in ammunition transportation and stockpiling
  • – ammunition marking, reloading and final disposal

This virtual seminar forms part of UNLIREC’s “Combatting Illicit Firearms and Ammunition Trafficking in Latin America and the Caribbean” project financially supported by the Government of Germany.

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