On 5-6 August 2020, UNLIREC held an online seminar for Colombian Authorities to highlight the importance of ammunition control measures for national security and present technical guidelines that could strengthen national efforts to combat illicit trafficking and misuse of ammunition for conventional weapons.


Over 50 participants from national institutions such as the Colombian Military Industry (INDUMIL), the Directorate of Customs and Excise, Forensic and Criminal Intelligence agencies, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the National Police , and the National Prosecutor’s Office were engaged in discussions with UNLIREC on fundamental concepts and practices contained in international technical guidelines regarding ammunition control measures, including physical security and stockpile management, as well as marking, tracing, and destruction.


The seminar promoted dialogue among relevant agencies on the importance of implementing effective ammunition control measures to reduce the risk of illegal proliferation and diversion. The Centre sensitized participants to the contrast in the application of control measures in small arms and light weapons versus ammunition; the latter being addressed in a limited way. The urgency to address this was highlighted, given its impact on armed violence and illicit trafficking in the region.


During the sessions, participants emphasised the need to strengthen national legislation regarding ammunition control and the importance of incorporating the technical guidelines to support their efforts in ammunition control.


The Seminar was organized with the financial support of the Government of Germany.



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