On 1 December 2020, with the financial support of the Government of Germany, UNLIREC carried out an online seminar with Argentina focusing on the fundamental concepts and international technical guidelines regarding stockpile management of ammunition. The relevance of conventional arms and ammunition control measures for national security was highlighted while UNLIREC also presented internationally-recognized technical guidelines on ammunition stockpile management with a view to strengthening Argentinian efforts against illicit arms and ammunition trafficking.

Over 30 participants (7 women) from national institutions with responsibility for the implementation of arms and ammunition controls participated in the seminar, including the Ministry of Defense, Argentinian Army, Navy and Air Force, Argentinian Military Industry (Fabricaciones Militares SE) and the Institute of Scientific and Technical Research for Defense (CITEDEF).

Given the impact of the proliferation and diversion of arms and ammunition on armed violence and illicit trafficking in the region, UNLIREC sensitized stakeholders about the importance of implementing effective ammunition stockpile management practices to reduce the risk of illegal proliferation and diversion.

UNLIREC delivered a presentation on classification and division of hazards Class 1 of dangerous goods and quantity (NEQ) – distances. Panellists from the Argentinian Air Force, Ministry of Defense and the Institute of Scientific and the Technical Research for Defense – CITEDEF presented practical measures that Argentina implements regarding stockpile management of ammunition, as well as, its useful life, demilitarization and arms inventory management. For more information on UNLIREC, visit www.unlirec.org. Please direct all questions or inquiries to: Ms. Amanda Cowl, Political Affairs Officer at cowl@unlirec.org.