9 December 2021 – In the framework of the project on Combatting the Illicit Trafficking of Arms and Ammunition in Latin America and the Caribbean, UNLIREC held a webinar on Small Arms and Ammunition Marking for members of national institutions with responsibilities in the control of firearms and ammunition in Latin American countries.

The regional workshop highlighted the importance of marking as a measure which provides basic information that facilitates the tracing of weapons and ammunition from their manufacture to their last legal holder. Similarly, marking at different points in a weapon’s life cycle allows for better record-keeping at a national level; it also helps establish possible links between weapons and crimes, thus facilitating criminal investigation processes and the identification of illicit trafficking trends.

The activity addressed international obligations, standards and best practices on marking as contained in relevant international instruments and the Modular Small-Arms Control Implementation Compendium. Likewise, UNLIREC’s technical proposal for firearms and ammunition marking was presented in order to contribute to the standardisation of marking protocols. Finally, a demonstration was given on one of the marking methods in order to strengthen the skills of personnel who have responsibilities in these matters from Latin American institutions.

Several institutions participated in the webinar, including, inter alia, Police, Armed Forces, control bodies, investigative agencies, Ministries of security and Foreign Affairs, forensic institutions, customs, public prosecutors’ offices, and various civil society organisations.

The implementation of this project is made possible thanks to the financial support of the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany.