UNLIREC was invited by the Peruvian Congress to participate in a roundtable on small arms control and citizen security during the first week of December 2014. This roundtable was comprised of representatives from a diverse range of public institutions, small arms experts, small arms users, academics and other members of civil society who were given the opportunity to share their perspectives on the role of small arms control within the context of citizen security issues.

UNLIREC’s interventions, led by Dr. Godnick, Public Security Programme Coordinator, focused on the importance of a national strategy for small arms control based on four pillars: control and transparency in the legal small arms control trade; strengthening of institutions and their personnel to better combat illicit small arms trafficking; responsible management of national stockpiles; and a robust legal framework on the possession and use of small arms.

In addition, UNLIREC made recommendations on the new bill of law formulated by the National Superintendence for the Control of Security Services, Arms, Ammunition and Explosives for Civilian Use (SUCAMEC), acknowledging the positive aspects within the new bill, such as prohibiting the recirculation of small arms, the marking of small arms upon importation, and a call to destroy small arms used in illicit activities once the legal proceedings on these cases have been concluded. Furthermore, UNLIREC suggested addressing some of the gaps within the bill, including definitions and specification of criminal conducts as related to parts and components, illicit manufacturing, illicit trafficking and the altering of small arms markings. The final recommendation stressed the need and importance of regulating ammunition.

The new bill of law will be the subject of debate in upcoming legislative sessions. UNLIREC supports the Government of Peru in its efforts to implement international instruments on conventional arms control, including small arms and light weapons.

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