The United Nations Regional Centre for Peace, Disarmament and Development in Latin America and the Caribbean (UNLIREC) participated in a session of the Human Security Course: A Comprehensive Approach for Reducing Violence in the City of Trujillo on 13 July 2016. This course was organized by the United Nations Joint Programme entitled aimed at strengthening human security and community resilience by fostering peaceful co-existence in Peru. The Course targeted university students, professionals and local authorities.

UNLIREC, as a member of the Joint Programme for Human Security, participated as speaker during the session on firearms and its impact on human security. UNLIREC experts highlighted the problems related to illicit arms and ammunition trafficking in the region, the impact of armed violence, as well as public measures and policies for arms control.

Testimonial videos of the victims of armed violence were presented in order to stress the human impact of this kind of violence. The participants shared their own points of view regarding the presence and circulation of weapons in society, and they agreed that the use of firearms is a multidimensional problem that necessitates a multisectoral response.

The United Nations Joint Programme on Human Security, to which UNLIREC forms part, works in collaboration with public institutions and local authorities of Trujillo to reduce and prevent crime in general, gender-based violence and youth involvement in criminality.