On February 21st, 2019, UNLIREC and the Government of Peru held the workshop Moving towards a national regulation against biological weapons. The activity was part of the implementation roadmap of Resolution 1540 and had as its main goals: deepening knowledge on the main conventional instruments on weapons of mass destruction and to resume the drafting of an instrument on the prohibition of biological weapons and the regulation of aspects associated to biological related materials for proliferation prevention.

This meeting brought together 26 representatives from 7 institutions and agencies, including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Defense, Health, Production, Environment, National Police and National Superintendence of Tax Administration and the Peruvian.

During the workshop, participants received information on the content of the main non-proliferation treaties and conventions, plus Resolution 1540, in addition to the measures needed for its national implementation. The representatives of the different institutions and sectors were also able to discuss and exchange information on aspects related to the modernization of the national legislation, particularly in the biological field.

Earlier this year, between November 14th and 16th UNLIREC had the opportunity to support national authorities in the organization of a round table to strengthen Resolution 1540.

This workshop is part of UNLIREC’s 1540 Assistance Package with financial support from Canada.