The United Nations Regional Centre for Peace, Disarmament and Development in Latin America and the Caribbean (UNLIREC) remains committed to supporting State efforts to effectively implement the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT). As such, on 23-24 January, UNLIREC and the Ministry of Defence of El Salvador, held a workshop on the “Identification of Conventional Arms and Ammunition.”

This represents the second of three activities in the country, which form part of the assistance package sponsored by the Arms Trade Treaty Secretariat’s Voluntary Trust Fund. El Salvador called on UNLIREC to serve as its main implementing partner in all project-related activities with a view to strengthening implementation of the Treaty.

The UNLIREC ATT team presented the specific regulations as related to the Treaty, with a particular focus on the technical characteristics of conventional arms, ammunition and their parts and components. The team also led discussions on the principles governing the different categories of conventional arms mentioned in the ATT, given that they will necessarily form part of the respective National Control List of El Salvador and, in turn, could be the subject of international exchange enshrined in the Treaty.

The workshop targeted 23 representatives from various state entities, with mainly technical responsibilities in controlling conventional arms transfers. Entities included the Joint General Staff, Customs Authorities, National Civil Police, INTERPOL, the Policy Directorate and the Logistics Directorate of the Ministry of National Defence, as well as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.