UNLIREC has been working with the Government of Grenada to provide legal and technical assistance under its 1540 Assistance Package since early 2014. During the 1540 national roundtable held in June 2014, UNLIREC and Government stakeholders identified a series of existing training needs and institutional challenges and priorities with respect to non-proliferation issues, including border control measures to enhance security at ports and effective ways to deal with small vessel security. Consequently, UNLIREC liaised with the International Maritime Organization (IMO) to organize a two-day table top exercise (29-30 October 2014) to identify good practice and strengthen maritime and port security measures.

The exercise brought together 24 government officials with responsibilities in maritime and port security, including the National Disaster Management Agency, the Port Authority and various departments in the Royal Grenadian Police Force including the Coast Guard, Port Security, Customs and Excise, Immigration and Fire Department. The Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Business, the Honourable Nickolas Skeete and the US Charge D´Affaires Mr. Louis Crishock were present at the opening ceremony, thus reflecting Grenada’s level of commitment to strengthening implementation of UNSC resolution 1540.

During the exercise, dialogue revolved around the current challenges facing the country in addressing port and maritime security while, crisis/incident management training and risk management, as well as the development of protocols and contingency plans were highlighted as priorities. A number of other issues and challenges were discussed, including the need for improved inter-agency coordination and utilization of resources, targeted exercises for senior level personnel (policy and managerial level), training for first responders, assistance to enhance the response of the Coast Guard, strengthening of related legislation and broad based education on existing legislation so that officials have a comprehensive understanding of the relevant laws and have a legal basis for intervention if necessary and continuous drills/similar table top exercises.

UNLIREC will continue to work together with the government to address these issues within the framework of the 1540 Assistance Package and the voluntary national action plan which the country is drafting.

UNLIREC continues to work with the Government of Grenada to strengthen the implementation of UNSC resolution 1540 and also looks forward to collaborating further with the International Maritime Organization and other agencies to strengthen border controls across the region.

For more information on UNLIREC, visit www.unlirec.org. Please direct all questions or inquires to Ms. Amanda Cowl, Political Affairs Officer at (cowl@unlirec.org).