On 3 December 2021, in collaboration with the Ministry of Defense of Argentina, UNLIREC held a virtual workshop on physical Security, storage and management of firearms and ammunition for over 142 Argentinian officials from the defense sector, with responsibilities on stockpile management.

The workshop strengthened national capacities for an effective and safe stockpile management given the impact of the proliferation and diversion of firearms and ammunition on armed violence and illicit trafficking in the region.

UNLIREC shared international standards and good practices on stockpile risk management and security plans, as well as presented self-assessments templates for firearms and ammunition stockpiles developed by UNLIREC based on international technical guidelines such as IATG and MOSAIC regarding physical security aspects, storage and management of firearms and ammunition, in order to provide the defense sector a self-assessment tool that contributes to strengthening its stockpile management procedures.

During the workshop, UNLIREC highlighted the importance of developing periodic risk assessments and having standardized operating procedures for effective management of firearms and ammunition. Likewise, efficient stockpile management is an essential component of any arms and ammunition control programme. It assists in detecting loss or theft of firearms and ammunition from stockpiles and facilitates the identification and disposal of surplus weapons.

This virtual workshop forms part of UNLIREC’s “Combatting Illicit Firearms and Ammunition trafficking in Latin America and the Caribbean” project and was made possible thanks to the financial support of the Government of Germany. For more information on UNLIREC, visit www.unlirec.org. Please direct all questions or inquiries to Ms. Amanda Cowl, Political Affairs Officer at cowl@unlirec.org.