UNLIREC’s Apprentice Programme contributes to the academic and professional growth of students through:

  • exposure to the day-to-day working environment and mandate of a specialized UN agency in the Latin American and Caribbean region
  • ongoing interaction and feedback by outstanding and inspiring career professionals
  • active engagement in the preparation and implementation of disarmament, arms control and non-proliferation activities in the region

Students may choose to form part of UNLIREC’s team by applying to one or more of the following positions (click on link for a description of possible duties and related competencies and requirements):

Minimum eligibility requirements

In keeping with UNLIREC’s Apprentice Policy, interns must meet the minimum requirements as follows:

  • active enrollment in a B.A., Masters or Doctorate Programme or an equivalent academic programme in an area of study relevant to the mandate of UNLIREC for the entire duration of the apprenticeship (academic requirements may differ depending on the specific position).
  • demonstrate interest in the field of disarmament, arms control and/or WMD non-proliferation.
  • proficient in Spanish and/or English (written and oral depending on the specific position).
  • eager to work with people from different cultures and nationalities with a genuine interest in gaining their full trust and respect.
  • shows respect for the values and principles of the Charter of the United Nations.

*Eligible candidates will be expected to participate in an interview, written examination and/or submit samples of their previous work.


UNLIREC Apprenticeships last six months, however consideration may be given for a shorter duration under exceptional circumstances. Apprenticeships may be conducted either in situ or ex situ depending on the specific position.

How to Apply

Students interested in participating in UNLIREC’s Apprenticeship Programme are invited to fill out and submit the required documentation found below to: Ms Cecilia Morales, Head of Human Resources, at