Confidence-building measures (CBMs) aim to adjust between two or more States possibly inaccurate perceptions of motives, to avoid misunderstandings about military actions and policies, and to foster cooperation and inter-dependency. Over time, CBMs can pave the way for more stable bilateral relations, transform ideas about national requirements for security, and even encourage steps to jointly identify shared security needs. The development and exchange of defense policy and doctrine papers (Defence White Papers) represent one step in building confidence among States.

UNLIREC supports Latin American and Caribbean States in the development of Defence White Paper (DWP) implementation of this Treaty through:

  • Enhancing transparency and consolidation of democracy throughout the process of updating and elaborating DWPs.
  • Expanding the participation and contributions from both within the government (ministries, legislators, parliamentarians) and outside the government (civil society, academia, universities, media).
  • Stimulating social and political interest for informed discussions, analysis and debate on defence policies and doctrines through a series of nation-wide public roundtables.

Fact Sheet

Supporting the Elaboration of Defense White Papers