What We Do

Name of Project:

Integration of Firearms Control Measures into Public Security and Armed Violence Reduction Frameworks.


UNLIREC contributes to improved public policy frameworks for firearms control by promoting and facilitating inter-institutional coordination, guiding States in assessing the capacities, challenges and opportunities relevant to combating illicit firearms trafficking, and supporting them in undertaking firearms assessment studies in their country as a first step to developing comprehensive and holistic national strategies.

In concrete terms, UNLIREC helps in the creation of national firearms commissions by supporting their creation, facilitating strategic planning, assisting in the development of baseline studies and providing expert advice on key issues ranging from disarmament campaigns to arms brokering regulations.

In 2011, UNLIREC launched a specialized course exclusively on the illicit trafficking in explosives in collaboration with the government of Colombia.

Target Group:

Officials and decision-makers from different national sectors responsible for firearms control


  • Build State capacity to articulate firearms control and disarmament measures within broader public and citizen security frameworks.
  • Consolidate national and sub-regional firearms control policy agendas.
  • Minimize the impact of armed violence and promote societies based on values, such as peace, tolerance and respect.

Papers and Publications:

Working Paper on National Firearms Commissions in Latin America (only available in Spanish)

This working paper aims to raise awareness on the role of interagency coordination mechanisms, in particular "national firearms commissions", in controlling firearms and preventing armed violence throughout the Latin American region.