What We Do

Name of Project:

Destruction of Firearms, Ammunition and Explosives and Improvement in Stockpile Management.


UNLIREC bolsters States' efforts to destroy their surplus, obsolete and confiscated weapons, improve stockpile safety and security, and use inventory management (record keeping) tools in compliance with international best practices and standards via technical assistance, training and the delivery of equipment.

Target Group:

Security sector personnel.


  • Reduce the availability and amounts of illegal weapons in circulation.
  • Increase State capacity for accelerated collection, storage and/or destruction of surplus, decommissioned and confiscated firearms, ammunition, and explosives.

Papers and Publications:

Consolidated Standing Operating Procedures for SALW Stockpile Management and Destruction

UNLIREC's generic Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for stockpile management and destruction of small arms and light weapons (SALW) have been designed and developed to assist States in their compliance with international agreements and norms, while providing them with specific guidance that can be easily adapted to their own administrative and operational systems. If interested in receiving a copy, please write to [programme@unlirec.org]


Consolidated Briefing Notes (Weapons and Explosives)

UNLIRECs’ Technical Briefing Notes provides technical orientation and insights on important firearms, ammunition and explosives stockpile management issues with a view to facilitating action by Member States on how to handle and act on the issue in accordance with the sovereignty of each State. If interested in receiving a copy, please write to [programme@unlirec.org]