What We Do

Name of Project:

Guidance in the Elaboration of Defence White Papers


UNLIREC offers guidance in the elaboration of Defence White Papers (DWPs) in acknowledgement of the fact that these serve as key tools in the promotion of transparency and confidence- and security-building measures at both the national and regional levels. However, due to the differences in the geo-political, cultural, historical and legal context of States in the region, standardized processes and formats have not been systematically applied in the elaboration of DWPs. In order to address this lack in harmonized methodology and contribute to the integration of democratic values into the decision-making process, UNLIREC and its partners developed a standardized methodology to guide States in the creation of their DWPs.

UNLIREC facilitates extensive transparency-focused consultations and multi-sectoral dialogue among governmental entities, civil society and international organizations with a view to ensuring the successful application of DWP guidelines by all pertinent sectors. Rigorous effort is made to have the exercise endorsed by the highest governmental authorities and to ensure consistency between the DWP and the overall national security and defence policies and doctrines, as well as international agreements to which the State adheres.

Target Group:

Governmental officials and civil society organizations.


  • Increase transparency in defence- and security-related matters both within and among States.
  • Intensify the coordinated and multisectoral implementation of a national defence and security strategy.